Minor Puppy Dog (4,1abs)

1. Butler's Wansleydale Goldsmith. What a great way to start the day, this good sized young orange dog is a really exciting prospect. Has excellent bone and substance. Particularly liked his head and expression with oval skull and enough work to stop, good square muzzle and shape to eyes. Very good balanced angulation front and rear, short level back and good length to neck and depth to brisket. Lovely tight well shaped feet. Moved soundly with good extension. I really was very impressed by him and I'm sure he will go on to do very well. BPD

2. Longstaff's Miakoda Double Rainbow. Another nicely put together youngster but not the substance of 1 at the moment. Plenty of work in head and lovely dark eyes. Has good angulation front and back and a reasonable length of neck. Feet need to tighten and rather loose on the move but time will help this.

3. Brown's Mariglen Night Manager

Puppy Dog (2)

1. Carty's Gameright's Phoenix From The Flame. A gorgeous headed 8 month old tri puppy with plenty of potential, but still quite raw in body and movement which showed in the challenge for BPD. However, he has a good sized frame to grow into and I very much liked his type. This young dog has such an appealing expression, eyes of good shape and colour, long and lean head with excellent balance between skull and foreface, square muzzle and good depth of flew. Liked his length of neck and layback of shoulder. He has a deep body with a good spring of rib and well bent stifles though still short of muscle at the moment. He reached out well on the move but tended to toe in a little at the rear, nonetheless a promising puppy.

2. Longstaff's M Double Rainbow

Veteran (5,2)

1. Jolley's Sh Ch Wansleydale Loganberry at Jolymore. A really well put together dark blue with condition and energy that belied his 10 years of age. Liked his head and expression. He has dark eyes, good depth to flews and a decent stop. Super conformation with good angulation front and back. Lovely long muscular neck and well placed shoulders flowing into a level topline. Deep in brisket. Well set tail. Dead straight rear movement. A credit to his owner

2. Stephenson's Wistaston Starting School at Steeplow. A 7 year old orange with plenty of bone and overall substance. Well shaped head with a kind expression, masculine without any coarseness, decent stop and square muzzle, good shaped eyes but would prefer them darker. Good depth and better spring of rib than 1. Dead level topline. Strong back end with good angulation to stifle. Tight well arched feet. Wasn't as positive on the move as the winner and tended to be a little close behind.

3. Dunks's Samelen One Man

Junior Dog (8)

1. Watkin's Bumblecorn Winter Ice at Glenmaurangi. An imposing good sized pale tri dog. At just 13 months old he is very forward with lots of bone and substance all through. Would prefer a slightly leaner skull and eye shape could be better but his foreface was well chiselled and liked his depth of muzzle. Muscular neck of good length, short back and impressively solid topline. Super ribs and depth of brisket. Well bent stifles with good width. Feet could be tighter. Moved with an effortless easy stride which was true front and back and a lovely slashing tail action. In super coat and condition and has a lovely rapport with his handler.

2. Sharples's Kanietter Silverstone .. Close up to 1 and many of the same comments apply to this smart glamorous orange. Preferred his leaner head to my winner and his kind expression set off by lovely dark well shaped eyes and low set ears. I particularly liked his excellent length of neck and super balanced conformation. Level topline and good depth of brisket. Front feet could be tighter. Still quite rangy but has a good sized balanced frame to grow in to. Active on the move, head up and lovely slashing tail. A quality young dog who should also have a promising future. I liked him a lot.

3. Tompsett's Radbrooks Sloop John B

Yearling (2)

1. Tompsett's Radbrooks Sloop John B. .3rd in a strong junior class. Well made tri dog, with lots of bone and overall substance. Gave his handler a hard time especially on the move and very much out of coat. Excellent layback of shoulder and length of upperarm. Good length of neck and depth to brisket with lovely sweep to stifle but carrying a little too much weight which affected his topline.

2. Harris's Ravensett Russia on Ice with Konakakela. Lovely headed orange with soft expression and low set ears in super coat and condition. Good bend of stifle and nice feet but I felt that his overall conformation and substance wasn't quite up to that of the winner.

Novice (5,1)

1. Sharples's Kanietter Silverstone

2. Mellish's Wattlewood Silver Arrow to Monbrec. This 16 month old blue has an attractive head and expression. Not as lean in head as 1 but good work in the stop and depth to muzzle, low set ears and dark eyes. Excellent front and rear angulation but would prefer more substance all through. This should improve as he matures.

3. Bevan's Wattlewood Home Before Dark

Graduate Dog (2)

1. Montell & Harris's Culverwell Front Page Story. Attractive 2 year old tri dog with a good head shape and enough work, dark well shaped eyes and low set ears, though would prefer a bit more flew. Soundly made and nicely proportioned overall. Strong neck of good length and liked his front and rear angulation, his depth and spring of rib. However, he had a tendency to dip his topline. Won this on his strong active driving movement and slashing tail action.

2. Taylor's Samelen Harris Tweed. Orange dog with lean head and dark eyes of good shape, reachy neck, decent ribcage and tail well set on. Very good rear angulation. His handler kept him straight front and rear with his head up

Post Graduate Dog (9,3)

1. Mellish's Walshaw Blinded By Love for Monbrec. I was very taken with the balance, outline and movement of this blue dog. So compact with bone and substance just right. In lovely coat and condition. Skull a little broader than I would prefer but with good eye shape and dark colour. Low set ears. Clean strong neck of good length, excellent layback of shoulder and return of upper arm. Deep in brisket. Super topline and tailset, excellent bend of stifle with good width. Moved well, steady and true

2. Harradine's Mandysett Leave It To Lewis at Halliana. Excellent bone and lots of substance to this compact 3 year old tri dog. Skull could be a little leaner but had a well chiselled foreface, low set ears and dark eyes to give him an attractive expression. His outline presents a balanced picture, excellent front and rear angulation, solid level topline, well ribbed with good depth. Although he was enthusiastic I would prefer a higher head carriage to give a more elegant appearance on the move. In lovely coat and condition.

3. Stewart's Tattersett Galileo

Limit Dog (13,2)

What a super class, the most competitive of the day.

1. Bryant & Hollis's Phenset Blue Max. Just loved this good sized top quality dark blue belton. At 4 years old he is approaching his prime and looked a picture today. In wonderful coat and condition. He has such a handsome head and engaging expression with the darkest of eyes and low set ears. Well defined stop and square muzzle with the right amount of flew. Bone and substance just right. Strong arched neck with no hint of throatiness leading into reasonable shoulders, good solid topline standing and moving and deep well sprung ribs with elbows tight in. Liked the width over his quarters, his sweep of stifle and his tail set and carriage. Splendid tight feet with good shape. Moved freely with his head up and plenty of reach, dead straight both ways. Very well handled to get the best out of him. Pleased to award him his 1st CC and in agreement with my co-judge BIS.

2. Bott Allen & Morgan's Quensha Back To The Future. Impressive dark tri of a type and colour not often seen these days, more's the pity. Spectacular clean outline when stacked. Lovely dark well shaped eyes but felt his head didn't have quite enough work for my taste and would prefer more stop and a lower earset. Super to go over from his long elegant neck and good ribs down to his powerful quarters. Excellent muscle tone all through. Although he moved with great reach it was disappointing that he was a touch sluggish today making little use of his tail, which put him at a disadvantage against my winner. Nevertheless a quality dog approaching 3 years of age whose best is still to come.

3. Whittington's Juldeane Excalibur

Open Dog (4)

1. Kelly's Sh Ch Richecca Shades Of Grey. This handsome tri is fabulous on the move and another dog handled to perfection today. Compact body with good bone and substance. Sure he has some attributes better than others but as a package he is extremely impressive and it's easy to see why he has done so well. Such an attractive head with square muzzle, dark well shaped eyes and low earset giving a typical gentle expression. Elegant clean neck flowing into a firm level topline, super return of upper arm, deep ribcage and excellent width over his loin. Good bend of stifle and short hocks. Looked a picture on the move, travelling easily with that high head carriage and good tail action that is so important to elegant movement. In lovely coat and condition. In the challenge felt the CC winner just had the edge in a couple of departments today. RCC.

2. Dennis's Mariglen Audi. A glamorous tri colour with plenty of bone and substance. Attractive head and expression, everything in good proportion. Elegant neck of good length, decent length of upper arm with elbows well tucked in, good deep brisket with well developed ribcage and good sweep to stifle. Level topline and ideal tailset. He was in an uncooperative mood both stacked and on the move and this did nothing for his chances in today's smart company. Nonetheless a quality dog

3. Colton's Sodalitas High Havoc over Ennydloc

Special Beginners (2)

1. Whittington's Juldeane Excalibur. Good looking tri dog with great balance, 3rd in the very strong Limit class. Lovely type. Masculine head, strong neck of good length, excellent body properties being soundly made and well proportioned overall. Used these attributes to move soundly and cover the ground with ease.

2. Bennet's Mariglen Blue Star. Well made blue with plenty of bone and substance. Liked his overall type. Decent head with enough work, well shaped and dark coloured eyes, low set ears, strong neck, good layback of shoulder, level topline and tailset. Moved ok but a little close behind.

Howard Stubbington



27th November 2016


Thank you to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge at their show, also thank you to exhibitors for preparing and entering your dogs. I thoroughly enjoyed the task before me. It is just over two years since I last judged at this level and it was fascinating to see some of the same dogs that I had judged then and how they have matured. Incorrect bites seem to be more prevalent than when I last judged and fitness (dogs not handlers!) quite a few did not have good muscle tone. Exercise is the key, off lead galloping is essential for correct fitness. All dogs were beautifully clean and well presented. I was in total agreement with my co judge to award the dog Bryants & Hollis’s Phensett Blue Max BIS

 Minor Puppy (5)

1st Wellers Ravensett Giselle At Juldeane. Orange with a beautiful head the darkest eyes and sweetest expression. Excellent depth of chest for such a baby, good spring of rib, rear angulation could be better but at such a young age hoping that as she develops muscle this will ensure strength in rear movement. Moved very steadily BBP BPIS

2nd Dennis’s Mariglen Night & Day. Tri baby very close up to 1, totally different in type. Taller rangier frame, very feminine head with dark eyes and gentle expression. Overall body shape very pleasing. Good rear angulation and moved with confidence.

3rd Longstaff & Wallers Miakoda Angel In A Rainbow

Puppy 2(1)

1st Tompsetts Bushbane Celtic Heartbeat Of Radbrooks. Very grown up orange bitch in amazing coat. Lovely head with expressive eyes, good length of neck. Slightly upright in shoulder, making her look unbalanced in profile. Good depth of brisket, firm in loin, and very good width across stifle. Very exuberant mover but in the challenge for best puppy her tail action unbalanced her and compromised her rear movement

2nd Anton & Evans Miakoda Secret Rainbow. Pretty tri bitch very raw and just needs time to mature and develop. Just wanted to give her a big cuddle as she was so overwhelmed by this occasion but overall everything in place to grow on and with schooling hope to see her in the future.

Veteran 2

1st Williams Sh Ch Lakecastle Princess Royal At Wistaston JW So lovely to see the more mature ladies showing they still have the wow factor and not much to choose between these two as both have reached the top. This girl I put first because she moved so soundly front and rear her slashing tail and effortless gait showed she was in fit hard condition and that is such a bonus when you get older!! Delighted with my co judge to award her BVIS

2nd Day’s Sh Ch Mandysett Rumour Has It At Decoverly. Classy bitch with super head good neck and front angulation. On the move she just looked a little tucked up and so tended to slope her topline.

Junior 6 (3)

1st Grimsdell’s Tattersett Clever Cookie . Very smart orange with an appealing head, thought her eye flash very attractive and interesting. Super reach of neck, excellent return of upper arm, firm topline. Short compact body with correct tail set, really good width across stifle. Thought she was going to blow it when she moved, but settled into a lovely rhythm with sufficient drive off neat hocks. In lovely condition

2nd Dennis Morgan & Harris’s Nattasett Sonata Artica (Imp Fin).Very stylish blue with a lovely head . Overall nicely constructed, good reach of neck into clean shoulders. Reasonable front angulation, good depth of chest & firm wide loins, super rear extension, good reach and drive. Nice tight feet. Presented to perfection.

3rd Reeves Bournehouse Golden Charm

Yearling 5 (2)

1st Reeves Bournehouse Golden Charm. Lovely light orange that was third in a very strong junior class. Typy head with soft gentle expression, super neck and shoulders. Compact body with good rear angulation. Moved well, but felt she was a touch overweight.

2nd Croft’s Merleycopse Dolly Daydream This blue girlie was determined to give her handler a hard time and because she was so hot and bothered she spoilt her expression, thought her a touch upright in shoulder but good topline and spring of rib. Standing looked over angulated but she was so keen to be off that could have been exaggerated. Not in hard condition, but still very much a baby.

3rd Day’s Mandyset Oh Boy At Decoverly

Novice 2(1)

1st Croft’s Merleycopse Dolly Daydream

Graduate 4

1st Grimsdell’s Gillancette Pebbles For Tattersett. Super smart orange preferred the head and expression of 2, but everything else was outstanding. Super return of upper arm, elbows well tucked in under good depth of chest Lovely short body with good width of stifle, well defined thighs. Level topline held on the move, tight feet. Clean in outline and balanced on the move. In hard condition, strong contender for RCC.

2nd Montell’s Culverwell Celest. Very pretty blue with gorgeous head and expression. Neck long and well set into clean shoulders. Overall outline very impressive, moved so stylishly with drive and perfect tail action. Just so much more immature than 1 just needs to fill her frame and she will be a star.

3rd Loakes Bournehouse Sash Of Gold At Goldbirch JW

Post Graduate 6 (2)

1st Kellys Richecca Midnight Melody. Quality tri bitch feminine head with gentle expression good reach of neck, excellent length of forearm, good spring of rib, firm wide loin with excellent muscle tone, I feel she still needs to fill her frame and mature. Moved so well with elegance and strong drive in lovely coat and condition

2nd Williams & Kaizaki Lakecastle Kasumi At Wistaston Pretty light tri who I judged as a puppy so nice to see her two years on. Very elegant outline, slightly short in neck, correct depth of chest, level topline and such good rear angulation. Lovely mover in hard condition.

3rd Williams Bournehouse Spring Violet

Limit 6 (4)

1st Mugford’s Quensha Summer Nights At Lynwood. Orange bitch almost reminds me of the ‘old fashioned’ English Setter not flashy but so correct. Beautiful crafted head with lovely shaped eyes and melting expression slightly arched neck into clean shoulder with good depth of brisket, well defined loin good spring of rib and excellent width to her stifle. Falls away slightly at croup, but her movement was positive with good drive. Looked fit and in good condition and well deserved the RCC

2nd Stephensons Lakecastle Sakurak At Wistaston Light Orange bitch with nice head and expression low ear set good front assembly. Held her topline on the move. Not the rear angulation of 1 so lacked the power to drive off her hocks.

3rd Stirks Mariglen Perfect Day For Grakar

Open 5 (2)

1st Montell’s Culversett Calamity Jane. Very classy light tri who I judged two years ago as a yearling and wow has she matured into a lovely specimen of the breed. Her head is feminine with super dark eyes and melting expression her front angulation is clear to see with good depth of chest superb topline and rear angulation lovely tight feet and excellent bone, she looks super fit she moved so well. When viewed from the side I could see the strong driving action which is wonderful to watch. It was a lovely line up and I can honestly say until that moment I had no idea she would be my choice CC & RBIS

2nd Jenning’s Sh Ch Canteris Careless Whisper. Orange with the same attributes as 1 hardly surprising as they share the same sire. Very pretty head super conformation and every inch looking the Sh Ch she is. Just not moving as freely and positively as 1.

3rd Tompsett’s Radbrooks Kokomo

Sp Beginners 4(2)

1st Williams Bournehouse Spring Violet. Pretty blue very attractive head, good length of neck into neat shoulders, overall body shape very good. Moved ok.

2nd Davis’s Merleycopse Strictly Tango Orange with nice head and expression slightly upright in shoulder, good depth of chest topline ok . Feet could be tighter, moved very happily.

Stella Oliver

Southern English Setter Society Championship show. November 27th 2016.

My sincere thanks to the committee for their invitation to judge the "Suntop Memorial Awards" at this friendly well run show.

Yearling (9,2ab) 1 st. Grimsdell's, Tattersett Clever Cookie, 17 month o/b bitch who won this class with ease. The sweetest of heads, lovely reach of neck with well angulation quaters, moved steady & true with a slashing tail, a promising youngster.

2nd. Davis', Merleycopse Dream Machine, mature 12 month o/b dog, attractive head with dark eye leading into well angulation shoulders, deep in body with plenty of feathering, needs to settle in the rear.

3rd. Jennings', Canteris Cool For Catz.

Open (13,2ab) A class full of quality. 1st. Whittington's, Juldeane Excalibur, this b/b/t dog is so well balanced standing & on the move, handsome head with dark eyes, correct bite, straight front with neat feet, a sweeping bend of stifle with a strong level topline, a positive happy mover.

2nd. Tompsett's, Radbrooks Kokomo, a beautiful dark b/b bitch, long lean head with expressive dark eyes, well angulated front & rear, lovely spring of rib, moved with drive & a slashing tail.

3rd. Schoneville's, Balvenie Clandestine. Judge, Vicky McLoughlin