S E S S 30th Anniversary Championship Show 19th Nov '17

 I was honoured to have been invited to judge the Dogs at this 30th Anniversary Show, and I would like to thank all the exhibitors for a superb quality entry, mouths on the whole were very good, and competition was very high.In the higher classes, sadly, some nice quality dogs went card less.

 MP [0]

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PD 5 [2]

1.Arkleys' Hartsett Flashdance, promising well grown orange pup of ten months, no coarseness here, lovely head and dark eyes giving him a kind expression, clean outline, well balanced, with oblique shoulders, therefore strong level topline, good bend of stifle and perpendicular hocks moved steadily when he settled. BPD .

2.Watts' Hartsett Last Tango litter brother to first, slightly smaller frame but also very balanced, beautiful expression short coupled, neat feet, moved well, just preferred the winner overall today, but very close up, two nice boys.

3.Neaths' Albadora Rough Justice.

VD. 4 [2]

1. Fishers Sh Ch Beechanger Wagtail JW SHCM. This ten and a half year old worthy Sh Ch belies his age, he can still show the youngsters how its done, masculine head, yet not overdone, dark eye and melting expression, excellent lay of shoulder, well sprung, correct bend of stifle, he moved round the ring as sound as a bell, and as though he could go all day BVIS.

2.Mitchell &Witheys' Sh Ch Raging Storm over Scratchwood.JW.Another quality Sh Ch in very good condition, who was enjoying his day, head carried high with a dark eye and soft expression, deep brisket, short couplings, good width across his stifles and firm hocks, he moved very well but I just preferred one coming to me.

JD. 4 [1]

1.Schoneville & Derrys' Hawklawn Khamsin at Balvenie. Well presented promising orange dog of quality and substance, clean in outline, masculine head but no sign of coarseness, well defined stop, the darkest of eyes and kind expression good round bone, long muscular neck into well laid shoulders, his elbows are well let down, strong hindquarters and short hocks he moved with drive. I was told this award gives him his JW.

2.Watkins' Valsett Starlite Romancer. Quality dark blue, smaller frame than first, but so well balanced, and very promising, typical head, melting expression, oblique shoulders, elbows well let down, deep brisket, excellent bend of stifle, in good coat, moved soundly.

3.Salmons' Gillancette Day Dreamer.

YD. 4

1.Watkins' Valsett Starlite Romancer.

2.Butlers' Wandsleydale Goldsmith. Elegant orange, masculine head yet not overdone rangier than first, but again very balanced, and clean in outline, well laid shoulders, good depth, and short couplings, standing on strong legs rounded bone with tight feet he moved well, coat not as full as winner.

3.Browns' Mariglen Night Manager

Novice 1Abs.

GD. 7

1Mellishs' Gemsett Pole Position for Monbrec. Quality blue of beautiful type, masculine head, with plenty of work and chiselling, the darkest of eyes giving a kind melting expression, long muscular neck into perfect shoulders deep brisket excellent width of stifle and strong hocks on neat feet he moved soundly, not in his best coat today, in a full coat I feel he could trouble the best.

2.Atyeos' Samelen Harris Tweed. Beautifully presented orange, in good coat, lovely head and kind expression with the darkest of eyes, good body properties balanced fore and aft, with tight neat feet he moved soundly round the ring using his tail correctly.

3. Davis' Merleycopse Dream Machine

PGD. 8 [4]

1.Martins' Quensha Cast No Shadow over Sunhouse Well balanced dark tri boy, typical head, and kind melting expression with dark eyes, muscular neck into well laid shoulders, strong and full of substance with good muscle tone, deep brisket excellent bend and turn of stifle he moved soundly with drive, given time, I am sure he will trouble the best.

2. Sharples' Kanietter Silverstone. Well presented elegant orange of quality, in good condition, beautiful masculine head, long neck oblique shoulders, deep brisket and well sprung ribs with strong quarters, he moved well with drive.

3.Dennis & Brown Mariglen Top Gear.

LD. 11

1.Sykes Daraquist Barry A Reef JW. Quality blue of substance, I have done this lad well before, but, I have never seen him looking better, beautifully presented, in full coat, he has a masculine head and plenty of work and well defined stop, yet no coarseness here, the darkest of eyes giving the required mild expression, long muscular neck into the very best of shoulders, elbows under withers, deep in brisket short couplings and clean outline, he flowed effortlessly and so soundly round the ring on the neatest of feet using his level tail, today he owned the ring, I was delighted to award him the CC. [BIS on the Referees decision] .

2.Harradines' Mandyset Leave It To Lewis at Halliana. Another quality dark tri, super bone and in tip top condition, typical head, dark eye, and mild expression, well laid shoulders, excellent depth and spring of rib, short couplings, neat well arched toes, and strong hocks, he moved soundly with drive to get this place in a very good class.

3.Schoneville & Derrys' Balvenie Clandestine JW.


1.Kellys' Sh.Ch.Richecca Shades of Grey JW. This lovely dog needs no introduction from me, straight from the top drawer, a worthy Sh Ch, clean in outline, an elegant tri, he has a beautiful head carried high, expressive mild eyes, is balanced fore and aft with substance, he exudes ring presence and charisma, in full coat moved soundly round the ring I had no hesitation in awarding him the RCC.

2.Bryant &Hollis' Phenset Blue Max. Another worthy Sh Ch, well presented, and top quality in fine fettle, full of substance, good bone, slightly longer cast than winner, masculine head, darkest of eyes and melting expression, excellent reach of neck into well laid shoulders, level topline, good bend of stifle, and strong hocks, which he used with drive.

3.Colliers' Sh Ch Gamerights Mr Blue Sky at Roszarke.

SpBD 6

1.Mellishs' Wattlewood Silver Arrow to Monbrec. Well presented promising blue, of lovely type, masculine though not overdone, the darkest of eyes giving a kind mild expression, long neck into correct shoulders, plenty of bone, and good muscle tone, not in his best coat today, but he moved so soundly round the ring with level tail slashing he could not be denied the first place. BSBeginner.

2.Stewart & Quenbys' Tattersett Gallileo. Another quality blue, in excellent condition, well presented, clean in outline, and in full coat, good angulation fore and aft, excellent depth of brisket and short couplings, good round bone and full of substance, long from hip to hock he moved soundly round the ring.

3.Bennets' Mariglen Blue Star.

Judge Sue Bryant.


It is always a pleasure to judge at a breed club Championship Show, so I was looking forward to judging bitches at SESS 30th Anniversary show where the committee had pulled out all the stops to produce a fantastic show for their members and exhibitors. Many cash specials were awarded on the day and prizes for 1st to VHC in every class. An enjoyable day was had by all including myself and my co judge Mrs Sue Bryant.

I would also like to thank my two stewards for their hard work and good sense of humour which was required at times !!!

 I was looking for a well balanced sound exhibit that has the required bone and substance, but still retaining the elegance that our breed requires. I also expected to find exhibits presented in a fit and healthy condition with good body tone and plenty of muscle, unfortunately that was not always the case as I found many bitches that were either too fat or not enough body weight and sadly lacking in any muscle tone or condition in body. This I find unacceptable in our beautiful breed and penalized accordingly. On the plus side I was very happy with all my winners and thought my bitch CC, RES CC and BBP had everything I was looking for in a top quality well constructed bitch that moved with a long forward reach and strong rear action.

 MPB (2)

1st Henry’s Beechanger Velvet Crab. What a lovely well balanced tri bitch puppy showing lots of promise for the future. Such a pretty head with dark eye giving a soft gentle expression, low set ears and excellent mouth. Correct front with good bone and plenty of heart room . Excellent shoulders with correct layback and good length to upper arm. Short and strong in body with deep ribs and level topline. Well set tail, carried straight off her back. Stifles well bent and short and strong from hock to floor. Presented in excellent condition and so very sound on the move with correct foot fall both coming and going. I awarded her Best Bitch Puppy and she went onto BPIS in full agreement with my co judge.

2nd Howarth’s Alolfrana Kansas Kate At Moorbrook Another promising tri baby and whilst not as mature in body of my winner at the moment she has lots to admire. Looks good stacked with a well balanced outline, good reach of neck set into a well placed shoulder and good return to upper arm. Her ribs are carried well back and she is short and strong through the loin with good topline and tailset. Strong and well let down in quarters, with plenty of muscle for a baby. Her head is long and lean and just starting to break through the stop. Her mouth is correct with a good scissor bite. Although not as together on the move as my winner, she is still very sound and has a lovely side gait and action on the move.

PB (3)

1st Hartle’s Hartsett Lady in Grey. Quality mature tri bitch presented in lovely coat and condition. Well balanced and elegant in outline. Such a pretty head with good shape and eye colour. Correct mouth. Strong bone and good front,showing plenty of heart room, deep in body and well ribbed up. Her shoulders are well laid but I would like more length to upper arm. Short and strong through the loin. Correct level topline and a well set tail. Strong well angulated stifles and well let down in hocks with good muscle tone. She moved very well in the class with correct front and rear action and lashing tail, but when it came to the challenge for best puppy bitch she decided that she had had enough and paced. Always a long day for puppies and they do get tired.

2nd Howarth’s Alolfrana Kansas Kate At Moorbrook

3rd Cooper’s Albadora Rough N Tumble Settdrenda

 VB (5) (2 absent)

1st Deering’s Rosetimber Foxy Breeze. 7 yrs Such a lovely dark blue that was put down in a very fit hard condition. She has a delightful head with a soft gentle expression. Correct front with good heart room. Good reach of neck leading into a well placed shoulder. Deep in body and good ribs, short coupled and strong through the loin. Well angulated in stifle and short from hock to ground. Her coat gleamed and she looked a picture on the move with lashing tail action and her very sound and positive movement. She could certainly show some of the youngsters how to move !!!

2nd Rockall’s Settrenda Golden Fern At Lesnee. What a lovely golden oldie at 10 years old. She was in lovely condition for her advanced years and so very sound on the move both in rear and front action. She has kept her outline when stacked, showing correct angulation to shoulder and rear stifles. Deep in brisket and well sprung ribs. Correct tailset and carriage. Still such a very pretty head with correct eye shape and colour. It was a pleasure to go over her and her owners are to be congratulated on keeping her in such good condition.

3rd Tompsett’s Radbrooks Kokomo

 JB (5) (1 absent)

1st Tucker’s Niddbeck Smokey Opal At Walshaw. This top quality tri bitch has often caught my eye from the ringside, so it was good to have the opportunity to go over her. She has a super outline when stacked and has the bone and substance with the elegance I was looking for. Lovely shape to her pretty head and soft and gentle in expression. Good mouth. Correct in front with good heart room. Long neck leading into excellent shoulders with correct length to upper arm, giving a clean line over neck and shoulders. Her elbows are well tucked in, deep in rib and carried well back. Very firm and strong in topline and correct tail set. Good angulation to her well muscled stifles and correct let down of hock. She was bang on form today and presented in excellent coat and body condition. Her movement is very sound and positive with good reach to front movement and plenty of drive in rear action. I did not expect to have to come down the line when awarding the Res CC but in the challenge she looked a picture and moved so very well with tail lashing and such a precise foot fall. So she rightly won a very well deserved RCC and also won the specials at the end of the show for Best Junior, Best Yearling and Best Graduate.

2nd Watkin’s Valsett Starlite Sunny Days. Such a lovely O/B and as always from this kennel presented to perfection with gleaming coat, good body condition and well muscled up. Clean and well balanced in outline, with correct bone and substance but still so feminine. Lovely head and gentle expression with lots of work above the brow. Low ear set, correct scissor bite. She has a straight front and good heart room, ribs deep and well sprung. Well placed shoulders with good reach of neck. Correct in topline and short and strong through the loin. Her stifles are well made with good development to second thigh. She covers the ground with ease on the move and positive in both front and rear action carrying her tail straight off her back.

3rd Patterson’s Gillancette Emerald Lady

 YB (6 1 absent)

1st Tucker’s Niddbeck Smokey Opal At Walshaw.

2nd Watkin’s Valsett Indigo Sky. Lovely B/B bitch and litter sister to the second in junior. She was also put down in tip top condition and handled to get the best out of her. Like her sister the same well balanced outline and combines substance with elegance. The prettiest of heads with dark eye and gentle expression. Correct scissor bite. Straight front and good heart room. Deep in body and ribs carried well back.Long neck leading into a well laid shoulder and has correct length to upper arm. Firm in topline and short and strong through the loin. Correct tail set and very strong well angulated quarters which she puts to good advantage on the move. She showed so well today moving soundly with her head up and lashing tail action.

3rd Loak’s Goldbirch Wings Of Desire

 Novice (3 1 absent)

1st Passey’s Sorbus Serena, Very pretty bitch that was well handled and put down in lovely condition. Very well made in body with correct angulation to shoulders and quarters. Good front and deep in body. Her ribs are well sprung and carried well back, strong and short through the loin and she has a good topline and correct tailset. Good bend to her stifles and short from hock to the ground. So sound on the moved and totally at one with her young handler.

2nd Tompsett’s Bushbane Celtic Heartbeat Of Radbrooks. O/B bitch with a pretty head and gentle expression, She has a good front with correct bone, plenty of heart room and deep in body. Good angulation to shoulder and well sprung ribs but I would have liked her much shorter through the loin and stronger in topline. Well bent stifles with plenty of muscle and sound on the move once she got into her stride. Her coat could be better presented.

 Grad (7)

1st Tucker,s Niddbeck Smokey Opal At Walshaw

2nd Reeves’ Bournhouse Golden Charm. Quality O/B bitch that I have admired from the ring side. She has the required bone and substance whilst still being elegant in appearance and presents a balanced picture standing and moving. Her head is lovely and she has a soft gentle expression with dark eye. Correct in front with plenty of heart room. Excellent shoulders with good return to upper arm. Deep in brisket and well sprung ribs. Short and strong in the loin. Perfect topline and tailset. Wide well muscled quarters and short from hock to ground. Lovely to watch on the move with her long forward reach and drive from short hocks with lashing tail straight of her back. It was a real pity that she was carrying a bit too much weight on the day, otherwise she would have challenged more strongly for first place.

3rd Hartle’s Hartsett Cherry Blossom

 PG (9 2 absent)

1st Hacking’s Benrae Something Beautiful. Lovely O/B bitch I have placed very highly before. She was presented in top form today with correct body weight and hard condition. Her head is lovely with darkest of eyes giving such a beautiful expression. Not a big bitch but has good bone for her very well balanced frame. Good in front with elbows well let down. Long neck set into well placed shoulders. She has correct depth to body and carries her ribs well back. Short and strong through the loin. Firm level topline and excellent tailset. Good hind angulation and short from ground to hock. She moved very well in profile with lashing tail and while very positive in front movement she was a little close in rear action, which cost her in the challenge. That said she is a lovely bitch.

2nd Williams’ Bournhouse Spring Violet At Skippit. Quality B/B from this kennel. Lovely head with plenty of work above the brow and low set ears. Good mouth and correct bite. Straight front and plenty of heart room. She has good shoulders with correct return to upper arm. She is deep in body and wide well sprung ribs. Short coupled and strong through the loin. Level firm topline and correct tailset. Well bent stifle and hocks. Whilst she was presented in good coat and condition she was carrying too much weight which made her roll slightly on the move, but her footfall was sound and true.

3rd Mitchell & Withey’s Sorbus Taylor Maid.

 Limit (8 1 absent)

This class was such a disappointment with bitches I have admired from the ringside either too fat, poor coat and body condition and no muscle.

1st Deering’s Skylark of Rosetimber. Lovely O/B that has the substance and elegance that I look for. Whilst lacking in a little coat on the day she was presented in good well muscled condition and her coat gleamed . Her head is lovely with dark eyes and plenty of work above the brow. Good mouth with correct scissor bite. Straight well boned front, plenty of heart room. Clean over the neck and shoulder line. She is deep in body and well ribbed up. Firm and level topline and wide powerful quarters completed the picture. She is a very sound moving bitch with good side action and plenty of drive from her strong hocks. Although she tended to raise her tail slightly on the move I felt her many other qualities carried her through to win the class.

2nd Cherry’s Shanandi Forget Me Not. Very stylish B/B bitch I have done well for before. She appeals with her clean and elegant outline and well made body properties. Lovely head with good eye colour and shape. Such a gentle expression. Short in body and with good depth and well sprung ribs. Level topline and good tailset. Her quarters are wide and powerful and well muscled. Well handled to get the best out of her. She moved well with good extension and plenty of drive . Not in the best of coats on the day to give her that finish.

3rd Buckley’s Gamerights Miss Moet At Fishwick

 Open (7 3 absent)

1st Grimsdell’s SH CH Gillancette Pebbles for Tattersett JW I have loved this top quality O/B bitch since she was a baby. Her outline is stunning, combining substance with elegance and presents a picture of perfect balance either moving or standing. She was put down in perfect body condition, well muscled and in full coat. Her head is lovely being long and lean and has such a soft and gentle expression. Good mouth with correct scissor bite. Well boned straight front showing correct heart room, long neck set into clean well placed shoulders, she stands right over her forehand with elbows well tucked in. Deep brisket and correct rib leading to a short strong loin. Level firm topline and correct over the croup with tail set straight off her back. Strong in quarters with well bent stifles and short from hock to ground. Very sound and positive on the move, she covers the ground in a free and easy action with head up and tail lashing. Pleasure to have judged her and award her a very well deserved CC. In the challenge for BIS my co judge and I admired both of the CC winners in equal measure so decided that our referee should make the decision, The outcome being the male was awarded BIS and the bitch RBIS

2nd Tucker’s Walshaw Date With Destiny JW. Another top quality O/B with lots to admire. So feminine with a lovely clean outline. So very pretty in head with good eye shape and colour. Correct front, elbows well let down. Her shoulders are well laid back with correct angulation to upper arm. Deep in brisket and ribs carried well back. Firm and level topline. Strong well muscled quarters with good let down to hocks. Such a correct moving bitch showing plenty of reach in front and power from her strong back end. She was put down in good body condition and whilst not in full coat can still hold her own in such good company.

3rd Mugford’s Quensha Summer Nights At Lynwood JW

 Special Beginners (4)

1st Williams Bournehouse Spring Violet At Skippit

2nd Collis & Passey’s Richecca fallen Angel

3rd Davis’s Merleycopse Strictly Tango

 Judge Sharon Littlechid


Southern English Setter Society 30th Breed Championship Show 19th November 2017

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge the Memorial Award classes at their 30th anniversary show.

I had a very enjoyable day and it was nice to see this anniversary show so well supported.

Suntop Award Yearling dog or bitch. 8 (1a)

1st TUCKER Mrs C.J. Niddbeck Smokey Opal at Walshaw. Dark Tri bitch of 17 months with dark oval eye and head of good proportions. Good reach of neck into well laid front shoulders and very good rear angulation. Moved effortlessly holding a level topline with a slashing tail.

2nd LOAKES Mrs S.D. Goldbirch Wings of Desire JW. 14 month old Tri bitch with a pleasing head and low set ears. Good angulation both front and rear in lovely coat and condition. Moved with drive and a slashing tail. Very close decision between these two lovely bitches.

Suntop Award Open dog or bitch. 19 (4a)

1st SCHONEVILLE Mr P. & Derry Mrs A. Balvenie Clandestine JW. This Tri dog has a well balanced outline with a masculine head, dark eye and low set ears. Straight front with good return of upper arm and correct rear angulation. Level tail carriage and a sound mover which won him the class.

2nd TUCKER Mrs C.J. Walshaw Date with Destiny JW. Mature Orange bitch in good coat with a feminine head and a dark oval shaped eye. Long reach of neck into well laid shoulders and a good spring of rib. Well bent stifles, moved well.

Judge Les Weller.