18TH NOVEMBER , 2018


Southern English Setter Society Championship Show 18/11/2018



I would like to thank all the exhibitors for a lovely quality entry, presentation was of a high standard throughout. There were several close decisions and some exhibits will change places on another day. A most enjoyable day, my thanks to the Committee and to my stewards for their assistance throughout the day.

Minor Puppy (3,1 abs}

Two promising puppies

Taylor & Atyeo’s Samelen Comeback Special. Seven month old short coupled blue dog, pleasing head and dark eye. Lovely length of neck, well constructed, with a good spring of rib and plenty of bone. Moved soundly once settled.

Bryant & Hollis’ Silvamoon Storm Trooper for Phenset. Six month old tri baby, slightly longer cast and not the maturity of 1. Attractive head with dark well shaped eye, good neck and shoulders, well angulated hindquarters. Rather unsettled on the move giving his handler a hard time but enjoying himself nevertheless.

Puppy (4.2 abs)

Neath’s Albadora Constant Tyde. Eleven month old orange dog, lovely head with dark eye and melting expression with low set ears. Straight front, good front angulation and layback of shoulder. Well bodied with plenty of bone and strong hindquarters, moved positively with drive and good tail action. Promising youngster. BPIS

Salmon’s Tattersett Eminen. Ten month old orange with good bone, pleasing head with correct eye shape. Straight front and neat tight feet, well bodied with level topline. Well angulated fore and aft, needs to settle as he gave his handler a hard time.

Veteran (4,3 abs)

Colton’s Sodalitas High Havoc Over Ennydloc. At almost eight years this substantial orange dog is in excellent coat and condition. Masculine in head with kind expression and dark eye, elegant neck into well laid shoulders. Firm level topline and correct tailset, stifles well let down Moved with drive using his hocks. BVD

Junior (6,3 abs)

Harris, Bridgewater & Woeksema’s Bridgellas.First Edition with Konakakela. Mature fifteen month orange dog in lovely coat and hard condition. Pleasing head with plenty of work and expressive dark eye, long neck into well placed shoulders. Deep in chest with good spring of rib and level topline, strong hindquarters and short hocks, moved with style covering the ground.

Full’s Ravensett The Midas Touch At Teignestury. This promising fourteen month orange boy just needs more time as he lacks the maturity and coat of one. Balanced in outline with a beautiful head and expression with correct eye shape. Plenty bone and substance with neat tight feet, lovely neck and shoulders with good front and rear angulation. Very happy on the move with an exuberant slashing tail action.

 Poynter & Lewis’ Quensha Cowboys And Angels

Yearling (1)

 Poynter & Lewis’ Quensha Cowboys And Angels. Short couple orange shown in lovely coat and condition. Balanced head with dark eye, lean neck into well laid shoulders, good bone and depth of chest. Level topline and strong quarters, moved with drive around the ring, would prefer a better tail carriage, well handled.

Novice (7, 3 abs)

Jenkinson’s Culverwell A Spot Of Troubel. Short coupled dark blue with plenty of bone and neat tight feet. Elegant in head with correct eye shape, good reach of neck and spring of rib. Level topline with tail well set on, nice bend of stifle, moved with drive using his hocks.

Full’s Ravensett The Midas Touch At Teignestury

3. Poynter & Lewis’ Quensha Cowboys And Angels

Graduate (1,1 abs)

Post Graduate (6,1 abs)

Schoneville & Derry’s Hawklawn Khamsin At Balvenie JW. Well presented orange dog in good coat and condition. Lovely balanced head with dark eye and soft expression, straight front with plenty of bone and neat tight feet. Super length of neck, clean over shoulders with correct front angulation, well ribbed up with short back. Using his strong hindquarters he covered the ground with ease and style.

Butler’s Wansleydale Goldsmith. Well boned orange, clean in outline with good neck and shoulders. Attractive masculine head, correct eye shape and typical setter expression. Deep in chest with strong topline and excellent angulation front and rear. Moved straight and true, close up to one Just unlucky to meet him on top form today.

Mellish’s Wattlewood Silver Arrow To Monbrec

Limit (8,2abs)

Montell & Harris’ Culverwell Front Page Story. Mature well balanced short coupled tricolour dog in excellent coat. Attractive masculine head, not overdone with correct eye shape and expressive dark eye. Good length of neck and front assembly, deep in chest with a firm topline. Lovely bend of stifle with plenty of width and well- muscled second thigh. Moved straight with drive and slashing tail.

Taylor & Atyeo’s Samelen Harris Tweed. Orange dog elegant in appearance and in lovely coat slightly longer in loin than one. Long lean neck with straight front and tight feet, well proportioned head with kind eye and melting expression. Good front angulation and layback of shoulder, firm topline with a strong back end. Moved with power and drive.

Weller’s Hannadene Danny Boy At Juldeane

Open (7,2abs)

Littlechild’s Sh Ch Ravensett Fire N Ice JW. Eye catching elegant orange dog in superb coat and condition as always from this kennel. Beautiful balanced head with melting expression, dark eye and long low set ears. Long lean neck into well laid shoulders, straight front with rounded bone and tight feet. Short coupled with good depth of brisket and spring of rib. He used his strong angulated hindquarters to move around the ring with drive and style at one with his handler. CC. RBIS

Bryant & Hollis’ Sh Ch Phensett Blue Max. Upstanding dark blue dog different in type to one, beautifully presented and in full coat. Masculine in head but not overdone with gentle expression and correct eye shape. Lovely length of neck, deep in body with firm level topline . Good angulation fore and aft with well bent stifles. He moved soundly with drive and typical tail action RCC.

Mitchell & Withey’s Sorbus Belfry Lad

Special Beginners (5,1 abs)

Jenkinson’s Culverwell A Spot Of Troubel

Salmon’s Gillancette Day Dreamer. Rangy orange dog in good coat, pleasing head with soft expression and dark eye. Strong neck into well placed shoulders, deep in chest with tight feet and good rear angulation. Moved soundly.

Jane Bishop (Judge)


Super friendly show as always - my thanks to the committee and to my 2 stewards who supported me throughout the day. Good entry on paper so it was a shame that the absenteeism was high - kennel cough seemed to be the main culprit - but there were nevertheless some top quality bitches present and some decisions were very close. I had a lovely final line up for the challenge.

Minor Puppy (3, 2 abs)

1.Hoskin's Gillancette Lady of Leisure - orange youngster well up to size and in good coat and condition. Well worked head with dark eye. Good length of neck and balanced quarters front and rear. Deep in chest and felt well muscled behind. Difficult to properly assess though as her movement was very erratic and she crabbed moving away and coming back to me - ringcraft classes I think for both her and her handler!

Puppy (5, 3 abs)

1.: Rainey's Ravensett Marbella at Wolmersdon - very pretty orange bitch - just 9 months old and in lovely coat and condition. Beautiful head and eye - lovely work over the skull and through the stop. Elegant neck leading into a straight front and strong back end with good bend to stifle. Super level topline leading into a correct tail set and short hocks. Excellent bone and tight feet. Very sound on the move with good head carriage showing off a happy temperament. BPB but unfortunately she tired a little in the challenge for BPIS and her hind movement suffered - but a really promising youngster.

2.: Grimsdell's Tattersett Lucerne - sweet 10 month old dark blue bitch - not as forward as 1 but liked her height on leg and she was in good coat and hard condition. Doesn't have the same work in her head as 1 at this stage but hopefully this will come. Good length of neck into well set shoulders and again a solid topline. Back end not let down enough yet but her movement was sound - she just needs a bit more time.

Veteran (8, 5 abs)

Three lovely bitches - all close up and all still moving as well as most of the younger exhibits.

1.: Deville's Mariglen Nina Valentina - Tri colour 8 and a half year old bitch with such a sweet head. Lovely work from stop through to the balanced foreface and flew. Elegant lean neck leading into a super front. Topline starting to drop a little at this stage but she has a strong well muscled back end with hocks well let down. In lovely coat and condition and excelled on the move - straight and true both front and back with slashing tail action. Looked like she was loving every minute of her time in the ring. BVIS on the referee's decision.

2.: Harris' Sh Ch Mariglen Gift Wrapped JW - another pretty tri - just coming up for 8 years old. I remember awarding her a BP award many years ago and she still has that same lovely head and happy outgoing temperament. Better eye colour than 1 but not in the same coat. Seemed a little longer cast so not looking quite as balanced as 1 but her movement was straight and true and she also had that lovely slashing tail action and good head carriage.

3.:Deering's Rosetimber Foxy Breeze - dark blue 8 year old in gleaming coat and another with a very pretty head and eye. This one was loving her day out as well and moved with verve around the ring if a little erratic in front. Very short coupled and her topline was level but not the spring of rib or depth of the first 2. Neat tight feet and such a lovely rapport between both handler and dog. Completed a trio of quality bitches with very little separating them.

Junior (5, 2 abs)

1. Grimsdell's Tattersett Dark Honey - almost 14 month old attractive orange bitch - a head with a dark mask enhanced by a dark eye and sweet expression. Good substance throughout. Deep in brisket with a straight front leading into a level topline and decent tail set. Good bend of stifle with hocks well let down. Outgoing and straight on the move with a good tail action. Very promising.

2. Wale's Wansleydale Magic Rose - 14 month old orange bitch in beautiful coat and hard condition. Not quite the same work in the head as 1 at the moment and I preferred the winner's expression. Elegant length of neck and straight front with good depth. She tended to lose her topline when she decided not to co-operate with her handler when stacked but she held it on the move. When she did cooperate she presented a balanced outline. Good tailset and feet and moved very well front and rear. Another bitch showing promise.

3. Nunn's Tawneymeade Tinkerbell Over Setciana

Yearling (5, 1 abs)

1. Henry's Beechanger Velvet Crab - tri bitch with a really lovely head and eye. Very nice to go over with good muscle all through. Elegant neck leading into a straight front but another one with a tendency to pull back when being handled and so affecting her topline. Good depth and elbows close into the body. Strong back end which showed in her movement - straight and with drive. Little out of coat today and looking at that in-between stage of coming out of Junior up into the older classes but another quality youngster.

2. Wale's Wansleydale Magic Rose

3.: Brook's Felsett Angel of the Morning

Novice (3, 1 abs)

1. Rainey's Ravensett Marbella at Wolmersdon

2. Montell's Culverwell Take Me To Heaven - pretty dark tri - full of herself and quite a handful. Good work in her head and lovely dark eye. Good bone and substance. Decent conformation and depth with a straight front and a level topline. Lovely sweep to the stifle but looking a shade long in the hock . Not as positive on the move as 1 and she was quite erratic at the front. Could be down to over enthusiasm on the day and more experience in the ring will sort this.

Graduate (5, 2 abs)

1. Neath's Albadora Second Secret - Loved this compact typy tri bitch - gorgeous lean head and dark eye with balanced skull through the stop down to the foreface and flew. Excellent bone, depth, substance and conformation all through. Level topline and well ribbed up. So balanced in outline. Beautiful tight feet and short quality tail well set on. Moved soundly with good tail action. Would probably benefit from being moved a little faster but one I would take home.

2. Wale's Wansleydale Magic Rose

3. Wullems' Gamerights Posh In Boots

Post Graduate (6, 2abs)

1. Dennis' Mariglen Sweet Pea - sweet head and eye on this young pale orange bitch who was in quality coat and hard condition. Excellent bone and substance with good front angulation. Deep in brisket and with good depth all through but another one who tended to pull back and drop her topline when not co-operating with her handler. Really well muscled second thigh with good bend of stifle with hocks well let down. Tail well set on and super tight feet. Moved very well at a steady pace - straight and with drive.

2. Taylor and Atyeo's Samelen Golden Taffeta - darker orange bitch presenting a balanced outline. Not the same work in the head and through the stop as 1 but she has a dark eye and sweet expression. Good angulation all through with a strong back end and short hocks and this showed in her movement. Solid topline and good depth in the body. Tail set on well. She just needs the coat to finish.

3. Stirk's Mariglen Night and Day over Grakar

Limit (15, 4 abs)

This was a fabulous class to judge - quality in depth throughout with several good bitches going cardless. Some not looking or moving as well today as I've seen them previously and some not looking as fully mature as others. Consequently decisions were very close - especially in the top three.

1. Grimsdell's Tattersett Clever Cookie - flashy pale orange bitch in fabulous coat and looking just lovely today. Beautiful head with the darkest of eyes. Good height on leg. Elegant lean neck with clean throat. Straight front with shoulders well set back. Super length of upper arm. Lovely depth in body with elbows well tucked in. Topline straight and good spring of rib. Wide in the loin and well ribbed back. Muscled back end and good sweep of stifle down to short hocks. Tail well set on. All parts coming together to create a balanced picture. On the move she has a free action - straight and with drive - head carried high with a slashing tail and in harmony with her handler. The way she was put down and her performance today was hard to fault and it was a pleasure to be able to award her this first CC. BIS on the referee's decision.

2 Taylor and Bridgewater's Wansleydale Yellow Ribbon - have watched and admired this bitch from the ringside during the year and I was very pleased to have the opportunity to judge her. In lovely coat and hard condition. Good head with well defined stop, balanced from skull down to foreface. She has balanced conformation with good length of neck leading into a straight front with good depth in the brisket. Deep in body and well ribbed back. Strong back end with well muscled second thigh. Good length to the stifle and short in hock. Tail set on well which was carried with a slashing action on the move. Straight and with drive moving out and coming back. So difficult to separate these 2 bitches - both on top form - today she had a slight tendency to slope in topline in the line up and in the end this was a deciding factor. A top quality bitch and I had no hesitation in awarding her the RCC.

3. Montell's Culverwell Celeste

Open (6, 3abs)

3 quality bitches - close decisions again.

1. Taylor's Wetherby Whisper to Wansleydale JW - very pretty dark tri bitch with a lovely head and eye. In lovely coat and condition today. Compact body with good bone. Lean neck leading into a straight front - good depth in brisket. Level topline and firm back end with good length from hip to hock. Lovely tight feet. Very happy on the move with good tail action and plenty of drive. A very nice bitch - shame the limit class was so strong.

2. McCabe's Sh Ch Rachdale Sea Pearl ShCM - orange bitch and worthy show champion presented in lovely coat. Liked her head properties and dark eye with sweet expression. Good height on leg. Gives a balanced picture when set up. Elegant neck and straight front. Good depth all through. Solid level topline with good width over the loin. Excellent sweep of stifle down to the hock. She moved straight but not with quite the drive and enthusiasm of 1.

3. Stephenson's Lakecastle Sakura at Wistaston

Special Beginners (3, 2 abs)

1. Brook's Felsett Angel of the Morning - orange bitch placed third in yearling who was in good coat. Head with a dark mask and good work but would prefer a darker eye. Short coupled body but still rather immature and needs time to drop in brisket and fill out at the front. Good length of neck leading into a level topline. Tail set ok and a strong back end with short hocks. Tight feet and moved soundly.

Lois Buckley (Judge)

Dilys Watts - Critique

SESS Suntop Memorial Awards - Championship Show 2018

Thank you so much to the committee of SESS for inviting me to judge the memorials at their Championship show. What a lovely event this is, its members are always so welcoming, brilliant prizes and a stunning raffle! A huge thank you also to the exhibitors for supporting me with such a lovely selection of quality dogs.

Suntop Memorial Yearling Awards - 7 entries (3 absent)

1st Grimsdell’s - Tattersett Dark Honey. Eye-catching 13m old OB.  Lovely flowing lines to this young bitch. Has good reach of neck, straight front, correct shoulders, level topline and well angulated quarters. Very sound on the move showing drive and style with excellent tail carriage and action. Is shorter coupled than 2, which I preferred.

2nd Wale’s - Wansleydale Magic Rose. OB. Such a pretty feminine head on this bitch. She has a lovely reach of neck and nice deep chest. Good angulation front and rear. True movement and smartly presented.

3rs Full’s - Ravensett The Midas Touch at Teighnestbury

Suntop Memorial Open Awards - 14 entries (4 absent)

1st McCabe’s - Sh Ch Rachdale Sea Pearl Sh CM. OB Bitch. Kind eyes and prettiest of heads. Really good reach of neck into well laid-back shoulders. Good depth of chest. Excelled in forehand, true and straight in front with excellent front and rear angulation without exaggeration. She moved with drive as to be expected. She is superb in every way and it was a privilege to be given the opportunity to go over her.

2nd Taylors - Wetherby Wisper to Wansleydale JW. Blue Belton and Tan Bitch, an elegant picture standing and on the move. Lovely arched neck and good shoulders. Though not the coat of some today, she has a powerful driving action and is fit for purpose, just could not be ignored.

3rd - Taylor & Atyeo - Samelen Harris Tweed.