Southern English Setter Society 19th November 2023


It is always a great pleasure to judge at a breed show. The Southern Society are such a welcoming and friendly committee and I enjoyed my day. One or two comments on my entry. There were too many bitches with poor front action although I thought hind action had improved. Some bitches were not feminine enough in head for me and some were too long in back which spoils the overall balance. Thank you to my two stewards whose efficiency I could not fault and thank you to all who entered under me.

Minor Puppy bitch (2,1)

1. Atyeo and Taylor's Ravensett Cappucino, very promising 9 month baby. She has the sweetest of heads, dark eyes. Pleasing neck and shoulder placement. Good bone, legs and feet. Moved well holding her topline with a correct tail carriage. Front needs to tighten, but a promising baby.

Puppy (5,1)

1. Best Puppy in Show, Williams' Bournehouse Eternal Love. Top quality orange baby. Loved her feminine head, darkest of eyes. Pleasing neck and shoulders, correct front construction, tight feet. Strong hindquarters. Moved freely and holds her topline. One for the future. Shown in full coat and A1 presentation. Loved her.

2. Paton's Bournehouse Eternal Flame for Meadowfoot. Litter sister to winner and similar remarks apply. Again, shown in super coat and body. Little to separate these two quality pups. Another with a promising future.

3. Sizer's Tattersett Luna Glow

Veteran (1)

1. Best Veteran in Show, Deering's Skylark of Rosetimber. 9 ½ yr old orange. Still retains her lovely feminine head. She moved correctly both ways and held a level topline. She can outmove many of the younger bitches. Loved her.

Junior (3,1)

1. Owen's Marwessett Ysobel Enigma at Cornsett. 15 months orange, maturing nicely. Excellent body and coat. Well boned. Moved well both ways holding her topline.

2. Reid's Hunterblue Mystique at Diersett. 12months blue, not as mature as winner. She still needs more depth and to tighten in front. Pleasing head and presented in good coat.

Yearling (4,2)

1. Williams' Bournehouse Guilty Secret. Gorgeous headed tri. Excels in bone, the best of legs and feet. Shown in full coat. Presented a pleasing picture. Moved well and happily. Giving her handler a hard time in the challenge due to her exuberance. Another with a promising future.

2. Reid's Hunterblue Mystique at Diersett

Novice (2,1)

1. Sizer's Tattersett Luna Glow. Blue girl, lots to like about her but she needs to tighten in front. Pleasing head and dark eye. Shown and presented in good coat.

Graduate (3)

1. Dennis & Morgan & Harris' Mariglen Unwrapped. 2 year tri. Loved her head, eye and expression. Good bone, well constructed front, moved well both ways which won her this class despite being short of coat.

2. Lowe's Frennisett Rhydwen. Mature blue presenting a good outline. In better coat than winner. Moved OK, just preferred the head of the winner.

3. Deering's Petti Fox of Rosetimber

Post Graduate (2,1)

1. Felton-Blyth's Wansleydale Sky Angel at Felsett. Typy 3 ½ year blue. Sweet head and expression. Excellent neck and shoulders, balanced in body, strong hindquarters. Moved well. I liked her a lot, a very nice bitch to handle.

Limit (7,2)

1. RCC Wales' Chanina Golden Rose. Beautiful headed quality 3 year old orange. Well constructed, super front, legs and feet. Moved well both ways when settled. Excellent topline and tail carriage. She gave me a headache as she insisted on pacing or pulling to one side, but I saw enough to give her this class. Shown in lovely coat and condition.

2. Littlechild & Danks-Kemish's Dior J'adore Ravensett. 4 ½ year old dark blue. Feminine head, long muscular neck leading to well laid back shoulders. Super bone and construction. Moved well both ways with good use of tail. Just longer in back than winner and tended to drop her topline at times. A quality bitch.

3. Grimsdell's Tattersett Dark Amber completed a trio of super quality bitches.

Open (7,2)

1. CC and Best In Show Pitts' and Normansell's Ned Ch Vanquish Opportunity. This 7 year old blue bitch came, saw and conquered. She has such a beautiful head and expression. Excellent front construction with pleasing neck and shoulders. Well-balanced body and strong hindquarters. Moved true both ways with a happy tail action. Shown in full coat, A1 presentation. I later learned I gave her mother a RCC a few years ago. I hope her 3rd isn't too far away.

2. Paton's Bournehouse Secret Destiny for Meadpowfoot. I have often admired this orange from the ringside. She has a lovely head, good bone, the best of legs and feet. Moved well, but oh dear! Her coat and presentation let her down.

3. Colton's Rowanmyle Gude Blue Bonnet Ennydloc

Special Beginners (2)

1. Best Special Beginner in Show Owen's Marwessett Ysobel Enigma at Cornsett

2. Sizer's Tattersett Luna Glow



Judge Glenis Williams