I would like to thank the committee of the Southern English Setter Society for the invitation to judge the Suntop Awards for their 35th Breed Championship Show on 19th November 2023. I had a wonderful day due to their fabulous hospitality.

I feel both honoured and privileged to have the chance to assess so many quality English Setters and thank those exhibitors who entered under me. The quality was in abundance and I was really spoiled for choice in both classes. On the day, I felt that the bitches had an advantage over the dogs in that the ring wasn't quite big enough for them to get into their stride. Another day and a different ring could make all the difference. There were a few gay tails which, I'm afraid, I did penalise. I do thank everyone for the sporting way they accepted my decision on the day.

Suntop Award Yearling (Dog or Bitch) (7/2)

1st Reid's Hunterblue Mystique at Diersett - 13 month old blue belton bitch. Very sweet expression with well chiselled features, darkest of eyes and low ear set. Slightly arched neck into correct lay of shoulder, short coupled with great angulation and well placed tail. Good body properties. Nice tight feet. Lacking in furnishings on the day but that just meant I could see her shape more clearly. Moved out very well on a loose lead, happy girl with head held high and slashing tail, keeping her topline as she went. Best mover in the class. Very much one to watch for the future, I feel.

2nd Owen's Marwessett Ysobel Enigma at Cornsett - 15 month old orange belton bitch and very unlucky to meet 1st as it was a close decision. More mature than 1st and beautifully presented in full coat. Another beautiful head, dark eye of correct shape, nicely arched neck and good layback of shoulder. Well bodied and well muscled. On the move, although going well, she did have a tendency to pace now and again, although would correct herself quickly. Held her tail out level with her back and kept her topline on the move.

3rd Seamans Mariglen Just George


Suntop Award Open (Dog or Bitch) (13/3)

Quality class, each exhibit worthy of a place.

1st Wale's Chanina Golden Rose JW - Now 3 years old and really in her prime. I have done this beautiful orange belton bitch well in the past. To my mind she just gets better each time I see her. From her beautiful head of correct proportion, dark eye with a hint of mischief, chiselled features with well defined stop and lovely brow. Her neck is slightly arched and her shoulder placement correct, level topline that she holds on the move, her tail slashing as she goes. Straight forearm and elbows close to her body, well spring ribs and short coupled. Shown in full coat, she is a picture standing and she glides around the ring as if she owns it. She did pace at the start of her circuit but corrected herself to then cover the ground with purpose and drive. I'm sure it is only a matter of time before she becomes a Show Champion. Pleased to award her this class and best overall.

2nd Hepburn's Tattersett Rainbow Legacy - Another 3 year old, this time an orange belton boy. A very handsome boy, with a beautiful head and a kind expression. Dark eyes of correct shape, low set ears, short square muzzle with wide nostrils. Well ribbed body, short coupled with great angulation fore and aft, well muscled thighs. Nice tight feet and dripping in coat. On the move he held his tail correctly and moved with drive, just didn't cover the ground as smoothly as 1st but think that was to do with the ring size more than anything. Lovely shape when stacked, very glamourous although clearly all male.

3rd Wilson's Ravensett Giovanni


Sheree Parrish (Tawnymeade)