Southern English Setter Championship Show 19th November 2023

Dog Judge. Valerie Watkin

Thank you Southern English Setter Society for giving me the honour of judging at your 39th show - for me it was a most enjoyable day being so well organised - excellent hospitality and such helpful, efficient Stewards. Congratulations to the committee and helpers.

I appreciated all exhibitors for their entry and accepting my choices on the day. Presentation was good, but for me some of the dogs tails were trimmed at the base virtually to the skin spoiling the natural look and in some cases lowering the appearance of the tail set. Front movement wasn’t always the best in some cases but hind movement generally better.

The floor being slippery, some owners ran on the mat together with their dogs which cramped space and in cases hindered the dogs movement,

(1) Minor Puppy Dog

1st Ciaputa’s Ravensett Cote D’Azure

6 months on the day - everything to like at this stage, well balanced head, dark kind eye, good body and balance throughout,

good bone and feet - moved soundly, gently and sympathetically handled for his first show, very promising.

(4 1 ab) Puppy Dog

1st Colton’s Ennydloc Bells and Whistles

Well grown puppy, pleasing head, dark eyes, good reach of neck, level topline which he held on the move, deep chest

with good rib, carrying just the right amount of body, short coupled, good angulation front and rear, strong bone good tight feet, moved true going and on return. Best puppy dog.

2nd Osman’s Bournehouse Sirocco Over Marissolo

I really liked this 8 month old in the puppy class, lovely balanced head dark eyes, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, good depth of chest with good rib cage, excellent bone and tight feet, level topline with well turned stifles, strong quarters. Good carriage on the move driving from behind, sadly throwing his front about today but built right so time should improve .

3rd Stewart & Queenby’s Tattersett Stolen Silver

4th Arkley’s Tattersett Blue Lord

(4) Veteran Dog

1st Schoneville & Derry’s Sh.Ch.Hawklawn Khamsin At Balvenie JW

Everything to like about this boy, a complete picture of balance when standing and positive movement front and back, shown in excellent coat and condition. Well handled.

2nd King’s Dobbies Delight At Grantastar

well balanced head, dark eyes, overall balanced throughout with good bone and feet, moved soundly with level topline and good head carriage, shown in good coat.

3rd Salmon’s Gillancette Day Dreamer

4th Jolley & Taylor’s Anlory Burano Via Jolymore

(4) Junior Dog

1st Seaman’s Mariglen Just George

Elegant in appearance and overall well balanced throughout, straight front with good depth of chest, correct bone, tight feet, good length neck into well laid shoulders, short coupled with well angulated quarters, pleasing head at this age, moved with level topline and good head carriage, true both ways, shown in excellent coat and condition.

2nd Osman’s Bournehouse Sirocco Over Marissolo

3rd Hendry’s Ilexeset Sunny Disposition

4th Thomas’s Kanietter Sarka

(1) Yearling Dog

1st Thomas Kanietter Sarka

nice headed blue with dark kind eyes, strait front, good neck and front assemble, nice depth of chest, short coupled, well angulated back end, rather exuberant on the move carrying his tail high.

(1) Graduate Dog

1st King’s Sirius Blue Heaven At Grantastar

Stood alone but a worthy winner, presenting good overall balance with good body properties, strong bone and tight feet, moved soundly front and back, for me would prefer a little more balance in head, good dark eyes.

(2) Post Graduate Dog

1st Williams Bournehouse Abracadabra

Excellent head with kind expression, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, good depth of chest, strong bone, neat feet, good rib and short coupled, strong angulated quarters, moved true both ways with good head carriage and level topline, shown in excellent coat an condition, loved his character happy go lucky, giving his handler a difficult time but expertly handled with calmness. One for the future I’m sure.

2nd Wilkinson-Sargeant’s Phenset Firestorm

Well chiseled head, again dark eyes, lean neck into well laid shoulders, good depth of chest, short coupled with good angulation front and rear, strode out well with drive. not the body and condition of 1st.

(7 1 ab) Limit Dog

1st Simpson’s Dalreavoch Northern Dancer

Lovely type, Elegant throughout, well balanced head with kind dark eye, reachy neck, well angulate forehand and rear, straight front with good bone and feet ,short coupled with good depth of chest, , strode out well on the move with level topline and good carriage, shown in good coat and condition.

2nd Hepburn’s Tattersett Rainbow Legacy

Well chiseled head with good eye colour, looked well balanced throughout stacked with level topline, good bone and feet, moved soundly with good drive, close up to first.

3rd Williams Richecca Midwinter

4th Harris’s Bridgellas First Edition with Konakakela JW

(8 2 ab) Open Dog

1st Atyeo & Taylor’s Samelen Comeback Special

Headed an excellent class.

Today was his day, well balanced chiseled head with dark expressive eyes, overall elegant and well balanced throughout, good bone and feet, nice depth of chest, straight front, good rib cage,correct length of back with well angulated quarters , he carried himself well with a sound reaching gait, shown in full coat completing the overall picture, pleased to award him CC. Congratulations to his handler. In agreement with my co judge pleased to award him RBIS.

2nd Wilson’s Ravensett Giovanni

Again an elegant dog now coming to his best. Well balanced head with dark kind expression, overall well balanced throughout out when stacked, clean neck and shoulders , good depth in chest with good ribs, straight front with good bone and feet, strong angulated quarters , level topline which he kept on the move, I called him back for consideration for Res CC and he did not disappoint.

3rd Danks-Kermish’s Sh.Ch. Ravensett Work of Art at Alolfrana

4th Lawson’s Wansleydale Dorian Grey JW SH.CEX OSW

(2) Special Beginners dog

1st Hendry’s Ilexeset Sunny Disposition

Well balanced head with good eye colour, good length of neck, well laid shoulders, straight front with good bone and tidy feet, good depth, short coupled, sound but at times rather unsettled on the move. Owner and dogs first show so well done and hope you enjoyed your day and will be seen at future shows.

2nd Thomas’s Kanietta Sarka