Show Judges Passed by the Kennel Club for 2016 - 2019

Judges 2016 English Setters

Revised 10/01/2016


07/02/2016. Mr. F. Kane. Midland English Setter Society

07/02/2016. Mr. G.W. Hayburn. Midland English Setter Society

10/03/2016. Mrs A. Dykes. Crufts

03/04/2016. Mrs. C.Y. Sayers. English Setter Society of Wales

03/04/2016. Mrs. S. Loynd. English Setter Society of Wales

17/04/2016. Mr. T. Stuart Tate. English Setter Association

17/04/2016. Mrs. M. Withey. English Setter Association

24/04/2016. Mr. S. Collier. English Setter Society of Scotland

24/04/2016. Mrs. P.D.A. Williams. English Setter Society of Scotland

20/05/2016. Mrs. C. MacKay. Scotish Kennel Club

09/06/2016. Mr. A.H. Brace. Three Counties Aggricultural Society

18/06/2016. Mrs L.A. Cooper. Border Union Aggricultural Society

24/06/2016. Mr. M.J. Gadsby. Blackpool and District Canine Society

08/07/2016. Mr. K. Watkin. East of England Aggricultural Society

22/07/2016. Mrs. J. Howarth. Leeds City & District Canine Association

07/08/2016. Mr. J.K.Roberts. National Gundog Association

09/09/2016. Mr. J.S. Thirlwell. Richmond Dog Show Society

16/09/2016. Mrs. A.I. Murphy. Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

27/10/2016. Mrs. H Parkinson. Midland Counties Canine Society

05/11/2016. Mr. D.M. Goutorbe. Setter & Pointer

12/11/2016. Mr. G.B. Browne. Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland

27/11/2016. Mr. Howard Stubbington. Southern English Setter Society

27/11/2016. Mrs. S. Oliver. Southern English Setter Society

04/12/2016. Mrs. J.A. Day. Northern English Setter Society

10/12/2016. Mr. D. Howarth. Ladies Kennel Association


19/01/2017. Mrs. C.F. Guy. Manchester Dog Show Society

05/02/2017. Mrs. K.E. Sillince. Dogs. Midland English Setter Society

05/02/2017. Mrs Maggie McCabe. Bitches. Midland English Setter Society

09/03/2017. Mrs. R.M.C. Martin. Crufts

09/04/2017. Mrs. C. Jennings. English Setter Society of Wales (Bitches)

09/04/2017. Ms. A. Webster. English Setter Society of Wales (dogs)

23/04/2017. Mr. S. Collier. English Setter Association

23/04/2017. Mrs. R.J. Croft. English Setter Association

30/04/2017. Mr. K. Smith. English Setter Society of Scotland

30/04/2017. Mrs. C. Moorhouse. English Setter Society of Scotland

04/05/2017. Mrs M Gittins. Birmingham Dog Show Society

09/05/2017. Mr. M. Armstrong. Scottish Kennel Club

26/05/2017. Mrs. G. Baker. Bath Canine Society

08/06/2017. Mrs. V. Isherwwod. Three Counties Agricultural Society

23/06/2017. Mr. R. P. Bott. Blackpool and District

29/06/2017. Mrs. C.A. Bexton. Windsor Dog Show Society

07/07/2017. Mr. A.M.C.K. McKiernan. East of England Agricultural Society

15/07/2017. Mr. Neil R Kelly. Northern English Setter Society (Bitches)

15/07/2017. Mrs. C. J. Tucker. Northern English Setter Society (Dogs)

05/08/2017. Miss T. Watkins. Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

06/08/2017. Mrs. L.Upton. National Gundog Association

01/09/2017. Mrs. D.M. Morgan. City of Birmingham Canine Association

15/09/2017. Mrs. L. Taylor. Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd.

06/10/2017. Mr. M.J.Howes. South Wales Kennel Association

26/10/2017. Mrs A. Green. Midland Counties Canine Society

04/11/2017. Mr. C. Bird. Setter & Pointer Club

11/11/2017. Mr. D. Bell. Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland

19/11/2017. Mrs. S. Littlechild. Southern English Setter Society

19/11/2017. Ms. S.M.T. Bryant. Southern English Setter Society

09/12/2017. Mrs. F. Grimsdell. Scottish Kennel Club.


08/03/2018. Mr. J. Barber. Crufts

18/05/2018. Mrs. J. Howarth. Scottish Kennel Club

25/05/2018. Mrs. L. Armstrong. Bath Canine Society

03/11/2018. Miss D. E. Loynd. Setter & Pointer Club


07/03/2019. Mrs V Isherwood. Crufts