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 If anyone has any questions please contact the Breed Education Co-Ordinator - Steve Collier by email to steve.roszarke@btopenworld.com .


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photo John Lynch

Open show 2021 Results text only

Open show 2021 results and pictures dogs

Open Show 2021 results and pictures bitches

Open Show 2021 results Critique Specials at the moment


Please see the attached Kennel Club announcement regarding updated criteria for judging Mentors and Observers as part of the new Judges Competency Framework (JCF) process.

Anyone wishing to be considered as a Breed Mentor and / or Breed Observer for English Setters, and meet the criteria listed on the attached KC announcement, please contact Steve Collier (Breed Education Coordinator for English Setters) on email steve.roszarke@btopenworld.com .

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Open Show Results 2019 (Text only)

open show 2019 dogs with pictures

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open show 2019 critique all dogs and awards 26/09/2019


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Open 2019 Brace Winner Mr Mellish

Some of our “novice” breed specialist Judges on the “C” List have not got the required stewarding experience to move onto the new KC’s JCF Level 1 judging list from 2019, If this applies to you don’t wait to be asked, contact any of our Committee Members and we will arrange for you to gain the necessary practise alongside a more experienced steward.

Also any Member who is involved with other Show Societies please try to encourage novices to partake in Stewarding, whatever the breed, to gain the experience required.

Everything you need to know about Kennel Club Breeders Competition (pdf)



Championship Show 2019 Results Text Only

Championship Show 2019 dogs with pictures

Championship Show 2019 bitches with pictures

Chapionship Show 2019 Critique Dogs, Bitches, & Suntop Awards update 16/01/2020

Open letter for all C list Judges



Chairman Mrs A. F. Mitchell

Secretary Mr S. Collier

Whittle Bridge Farm Preston Road,Coppull, Chorley, PR7 5HS

6th September 2019

Dear Judge, English Setter 'C' Judging List

I am writing to you because you are currently on the English Setter 'C' judging list. You may recall that in September 2018 I sent a letter to all 'C' List judges about the proposed Kennel Club changes to the system for educating judges in the UK. The new system being introduced was called the Judges Competency Framework (JCF).

It was originally intended that "new KC regulations would be introduced with effect from 1st January 2020 to confirm that no person should be appointed to judge who has never judged before or those with some judging experience but not yet on a breed club B List, unless they have completed all the JCF Level 1 requirements. What does this mean? If an existing C List judge (who doesn't already award CCs in another breed) wants to continue judging after 1st January 2020 they must satisfy all the JCF Level 1 requirements and have an active JCF account"

However, until further notice, due to the JCF having been put on hold while a review is carried out, the Kennel Club has recently removed the requirements for all judges to have met JCF Level 1 or above or to be on a B list or above in order to be able to judge from 1st January 2020.

This means that during this JCF review period, C List judges can continue to accept future judging appointments in 2020 of up to 3 classes at an Open Show, or up to 4 classes if a puppy class is scheduled.

Based on this delay to JCF it is anticipated that we will be continuing with the traditional 'C' judging list in 2020. So please keep sending me your updated judging CV's in preparation for our next joint judges committee meeting on 8th December 2019.

Yours sincerely Steve Collier

English Setter Breed Education Co-ordinator (BEC)

Tel. No. 01257 793426 or Email: steve.roszarke@btopenworld.com


The way in which judging appointments are dealt with for breed shows as of 2020 has had to be modified in view of the Judges Competency Framework (JCF) having been put on hold while a review is carried out, the Kennel Club has announced.

Until further notice, the Kennel Club has removed the requirement for all judges to have met JCF Level 1 or above or be on a B list or above in order to be able to judge from 1 January 2020.

Show societies are also instructed that, during this interim period, future appointments should be offered based on the current criteria only, ie the traditional system involving judging lists, the number of dogs a judge has judged etc.

Due to the review, all judging appointments contracted on the presumption that judges would be on JCF Level 2 will be honoured. This is for judging contracts signed by 21 May 2019, the date of the Kennel Club AGM where it was resolved that a review of the JCF would take place.

Judges who fit into the above category will be entitled to officiate over an unlimited number of classes of the relevant breed.

Championship shows are also asked that questionnaires be submitted for forthcoming CC appointments until further notice.

Any queries regarding the appointment of judges should be directed to jcf@thekennelclub.org.uk.

SESS Code of Ethics for Members (new) amended April 2011

SESS Membership form . doc

SESS Membership form . pdf

Joint Judges Committee Report Jan 2015

Judges Questionnaire rev July 2018 pdf

A1 Judges List Rev Feb 2022

A3 Judges List Rev Feb 2022

B Judges List Rev Feb 2022

C Judges List Rev Feb 2022

Criteria for Inclusion in Judges list Rev Feb 2022


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