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In Memory of Terry Greenham

SESS are sorry to report that Terry Greenham (Frizzanti) passed away on Saturday 06/10/18 after a short battle against cancer.


Open Show Results 2018 (text only)

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Bitches & Special Awards with pictures

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Championship Show 2017 Results (Iext only)

Dogs & Suntop Awards with pictures

Bitches & Suntop Awards with pictures

Critique Dogs - Bitches & Suntop Awards



Best Veteran & Best Puppy

Some of our “novice” breed specialist Judges on the “C” List have not got the required stewarding experience to move onto the new KC’s JCF Level 1 judging list from 2019, If this applies to you don’t wait to be asked, contact any of our Committee Members and we will arrange for you to gain the necessary practise alongside a more experienced steward.

Also any Member who is involved with other Show Societies please try to encourage novices to partake in Stewarding, whatever the breed, to gain the experience required.


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Championship show 2017


Best Puppy

Best Veteran

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Donated by Maddie Croft


The whelping and rearing resource provides breeders with the essential information on how to prepare for a successful whelping and how to ensure that the process goes smoothly for both the breeder and the dam. The resource also includes a film which features Angelika Von Heimendahl (Veterinarian and Specialist in Canine Reproduction), Angie Townsend (Assured Breeder of Labrador Retrievers) and Jane Newport (Assured Breeder of Parson Russell Terriers) using their experience to discuss how to prepare yourself and your bitch for whelping, and the steps to take for the initial rearing of the puppies.

The whelping and rearing film covers the following subjects:

· What is whelping?

· What should you have prepared for when your bitch goes in to whelp?

· What factors should you consider when choosing a whelping box and area to put it?

· How to be sure that your bitch is whelping normally

· When is it appropriate to contact your veterinarian?

· What are the next steps once all of the puppies are born?

· How to identify problem puppies during rearing..

To ensure we cover all breeders need to know, some additional reading and resources have also been made available within the whelping and rearing resource including:

· Whelping and Rearing Toolbox

· Breeding info

· ABS puppy pack template

· Feeding a puppy

· Nutrition and feeding

· Weaning puppies

· Puppy Socialisation Plan

· Breeder Guidelines for Vaccinations

· General Vaccination Guidelines

· BSAVA Position Statement

· Veterinary Resources

· Puppy Guide pg12-14 = worming/inoculation

· A short assessment to test your knowledge

Access to all breeder education resources is FREE. Sign up for a FREE account via the Kennel Club Academy.


Open Show 2017 Results Text Only

Open Show 2017 Dogs with pictures

Open Show 2017 Bitches with pictures

Open Show 2017 critique





Championship Show 2016 Results Text Only

Chanpionship 2016 Results Dogs with picures

Chanpionship 2016 Results Bitches with picures

Champshow Show Critique Dogs Bitches & Suntop Memorial Awards updated 21/12/2016

JUDGES Lists amended June 2018 see below

Judges Appointments 2018 - 2020 Revised 19/09/2018



Phenset Blue Max & Culverwell Calamity Jane

Best Puppy & Best Veteran

Ravensett Giselle at Juldeane & Sh.Ch. Lakecastle Princess Royal at Wistaston JW.

Suntop Memorial Awards Yearling and Open winners

Juldeane Excaliber ShCM & Tattersett Clever Cookie

Everything you need to know about Kennel Club Breeders Competition (pdf)

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Criteria for Inclusion in Judges list Rev Feb 2018


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