Subject: STOLEN DOG: From: Lesley Roberts

 Subject: Fw: STOLEN: Jane & Genna's Sh Ch Gunalt Delicious (WEIMARANER)

Please help us find Deli

 Someone has stolen Jane Elders' car from right outside her house with Deli and Jimmy in it, but Jimmy some how made his way towards home, with a few scrapes. Jane's car has been found.. ...burnt out, (locally), but no Deli...... we are absolutely frantic!!!!!!

  The police think she may have been targeted for the 'dogs,' so please tell everyone you know, vets, friends, groomers, absolutely anyone please.... please...please...tell them about her , she is microchipped but probably no collar. Pass it on to your breed clubs... truely where ever .. We need your help!!

  If you've any ideas of how to let everyone know please , let me know..

 I'm desperately trying to help Jane but its hard from over here in florida, ....

  Thanks for spending the time to even read this but hopefully this will end up with a good result.

 Thankyou.. Genna

 Jane lives near Keighley, West Yorkshire.

 Deli is Jane & Genna's Sh Ch Gunalt Delicious JW.