OPEN SHOW 16th July 2017.


Minor Puppy 0

Puppy 1 (1) absent

Veteran. 2

1. Wood's. Swannery Magical Moment, 91/2 blue, substantial bone, melting expression nice dark Eye, plenty of work in his head, good tailsett and moved well. Presented in lovely condition. 2. Mellish's, Walshaw Christmas Spirit at Monbrec. Covered the ground well in good coat, well set ears and kind expression.

Junior. 2 (1)

1. Oliver's Branstorm Oberon, orange, correct eye and shoulder placement, with good reach of neck. Well ribbed and drove well off his hindquarters.


1. Bevan's, Wattlewood Home Before Dark. Dark Tri, moved well once settled, not overly big, dark Eye, good shoulder placement nice tight feet. 2. Davis's, Merleycopse Dream Machine. Well ribbed-up, good ear set and length of muzzle, moved well. 3. Tompsett's, Radbrook Sloop John. 4. Done's, Sweetest Moonlight.


1. Oliver's Branstorm Oberon.

2. Mellish's, Mandyset Don't Stop Me Now With Monbrec, blue, well-ribbed and good length of loin. Dark eye and good reach of neck, nice tight feet. 3. Bevan's, Wattlewood Home Before Dark. 4. Done's, Sweetest Moonlight.


1. Taylor & Atyeo's, Samelen Harris Tweed. Dark eye with good reach of neck well set ears and typical head, held topline on the move.

Post Graduate. 2

1. Hodge's, Lakecastle Tomo, Kind eye of good shape, good ear set. Well off for bone nicely laid shoulders with good forearm, good positive rear action. 2. Mellish's, Wattlewood Silver Arrow To Monbrec, dark eye and good reach of neck, not the most positive of front movement and moved close behind.

Limit. 5

1. Syke's, Daraquist Barry A Reef. JW, Blue in lovely condition, dark kind eye well proportioned Head, good reach of neck good upper arm and shoulders, well ribbed and good front action, driving well off his hocks, Best Dog. B.O.S 2. Harradine's, Mandyset Leave It To Lewis At Halliana. Upstanding dog, nice eye but heavier in head than I prefer. Well off for bone and good tail set, moved well with typical tail action. 2. Holland's, Shanandi Golden Sunset. 3. Mellish's, Gemsett Pole Position For Monbrec. 4. Bennet's, Mariglen Blue Star.

Open. 4(1)

1. Weller's Hannahdene Danny Boy at Juldeane.JW. Substansial orange in good coat. Nice head, melting expression, well set ears good reach of neck and well laid shoulders, held topline on the move. Res Best Dog. 2.Kirch's, Sorbus Hugo Boss. Orange with dark eye, good bone and tailset, but today to proud of his tail. 2. Mellish's, Walshaw Blinded By Love For Monbrec.

Beginners 1.

1. Bennet's, Mariglen Blue Star. Blue good ear set and eye, a lille heavy in head for me, moved close behind, well presented.


Minor Puppy. 0


1. Loakes, Goldbirch Wings Of Desire, Tri, only puppy on the day. Low set ears good reach of neck. Good shoulder placement. Happy mover and covered the ground well. B.P.I.S

Veteran. 4.

The best and most difficult class to judge. These ladies could have written the breed standard, all worthy of a red card on the day, how the breed has changed this past eight years and dare I say not always for the better! 1.Tompsett's, Radbrooks Kokomo. Dark eye of good shape, well placed shoulders, covered the ground well. Best Veteran. 2. Rockall's, Settrenda Golden Fern At Lesnee. Senior girl of the day, well laid shoulders and for 10yrs still had a perfect bite and moved as straight as a die! 3. Day's, ShCh Mandyset Rumour has It At Decoverly.

Junior. 6

1. Oliver's, Branstorm Tapestry. Lovely shape to her head, kind eye. Well off for bone with good spring to ribs, correct angulation, balanced on the move. 2. Weller's, Ravensett Giselle At Juldeane.JW. Well shaped head and almond shape to eye, nice reach of neck into well laid shoulders, would just like a little more of her and preferred the movement of 1. 3. Loakes, Goldbirch Wings Of Desire. 4. Bozier's, Victoriaview Lily. 5 .Thacker's, Swannery Sweet Dreams.


1. Croft's, Merleycopse Dolly Daydream. Blue with good front and nice shape to head, good low earsett .Topline held on the move, good shoulder placement, and reach of forearm. 2. Tompsett's. Bushbane Celtic Heartbeat Of Radbrooks. Good shape to her eye and low set ears, well off for bone, unfortunately overly proud of her tail which spoilt the picture of her on the move. 3. Wilson's wattlewood Gold Don't Rust. 4. Evan's. Miakoda Secret Rainbow.


1. Tompsett's.Bushbane Celtic Heart at Radbrooks. 2. Loakes. Goldbirch Wings Of Desire. 3. Evans & Anton's, Balvenie Eublyn May. 4. Bozier's. Victoriaview Lily. 5. Davis's. Merleycopse Strictly Tango.


1. Day's, Mandyset Oh Boy At Decoverly. Tri,well off for bone. Gorgeous head and dark eye, excellent foreface and stop,well laid shoulders, correct angulation, moved with drive, just wish there was more of her. Res BIS. 2. Thacker's, Swannery Blue Rose. Dark eye and good ear-set, well placed shoulders. Not as substantial as 1 or as good on the move. 3. Bryant's, Phenset Firefly. 4. Taylor & Atyeo, Samelen Golden Taffeta.

Post Graduate.3

1.Rockall's, Settrenda Promise Of Love For Lesnee. Tri, melting expression and darkest of eye. Tight feet, moved straight and drove off her hocks well. 2.Evan's, Balvenie Eublyn May, Lovely head and eye, reach of neck and angulation good. 3 Reeves, Bournehouse Golden Charm.


1. Sykes, Daraquist Abbi Riginal. Orange of good bone and depth of chest, excellent reach of neck into well laid shoulders. 2. Taylor & Atyeo's, Hazeysunsett Carissimi.Blue, lovely dark eye,not the length of foreface as 1 and too much weight on her shoulders.

Open. 2.

1.Oliver's, Wansleydale Faerie Queen With Branstorm.Orange well presented, lovely head and neck with good shoulder placement, drives well from the rear, nice front action, holds topline well on the move. Best bitch & BIS. 3. Davis's, Richecca Baby Doll Of Merleycopse. Tri well boned, heavier in head than 1, good topline, covered the ground well.


1. Bozier's, Victoriaview Lily. Well presented blue, dark eye, good angulation and correct shoulder placement, held top-line when on the move. 2. Thacker's, Swannery Blue Rose.

Janet Neath. (judge)