Southern English Setter Society Open Show 15th July 2018

I would like to thank the officers and committee of SESS for giving me the opportunity to judge at their Open Show. Also to the many exhibitors who not only entered under me but also endured the very high temperatures at the show. I considered that the entry was good when compared to this year’s average championship show entry. There were some difficult decisions to be made in the higher classes and also in the challenge for BIS etc.

Minor Puppy Dog (1)

1.Neath’s Albadora Constant Tyde

Promising 61/2 month old puppy who is still very raw. Good front angulation. Good spring of rib and short coupled. Moved well for one so young. Lost out to the Puppy Dog in the challenge for best puppy only because of maturity.

Puppy Dog (2)

1.Full’s Ravensett The Midas Touch at Teignestuary

11 month old orange belton. Very well presented. Masculine head but not overdone. Straight front. Good angulation front and rear. Moved quite well. Best Puppy Dog.

2.Worthy’s Tattersett Big Orange.

Little to choose between 1 and 2 but preferred the movement of 1. Good deep chest and spring of rib. Another promising puppy but lacking maturity.

Veteran Dog (3,2)

1.Mellish’s Walshaw Christmas Spirit at Monbrec

10 and a half year old orange belton just showing his age now but thoroughly enjoying his day out and moving with some drive. Has a lovely dark eye with a gentle expression.

Junior Dog (2)

1.Taylor’s Wansleydale Quicksilver

13 month old light blue belton and tan. Well schooled and presented which one always sees with this owner/handler. Head of good proportions with a dark eye. Good angulation front and rear. Has a good depth of chest. Moved with drive particularly in the challenge for best dog, but just lacking a bit of maturity for the top spot. Reserve Best Dog.

2.Harris and Bridgwater’s Bridgella’s First Edition with Konakakela

12 month old orange belton who is very promising and was unlucky to be up against 1 as he is lacking the maturity of 1. Has good front angulation and spring of rib, well laid back shoulder. Preferred the movement of 1.

Yearling (2)

1.Taylor’s Wansleydale Quicksilver

2.Salmon’s Gillancette Day Dreamer

Orange belton nearly 2 years old. Good forechest and spring of rib. Lean head and dark eye. Has good bone. Preferred the overall balance of 1.


1.Bridgella’s First Edition with Konakakela

2.Ravensett The Midas Touch at Teignestuary

3.Baker’s Mandyset on the Button

Graduate (3)

1.Oliver’s Bramstorm Oberon

2 year old orange belton who was a bit fidgety when stood to start with but liked his overall balance. Lean head carried high on the move. Elbows well let down with good front angulation. Excelled in rear angulation and has well let down hocks which he used to advantage. The change of handler in the challenge for BIS really got the best movement out of him. Best Dog and BIS.

2.Davis’s Merleycopse Dream Machine

Two and a half year old orange belton in very good coat which was well-presented. Excellent depth of chest and good front angulation. Peferred the driving movement of 1 and his overall balance.

3.Mellish’s Wattlewood Silver Arrow to Monbrec

Post Graduate(2,1)

Mellish’s Gemsett Pole Position for Monbrec

Blue belton of 6 years. Head of good proportions with appealing dark eye and expression. Straight front with good front angulation. Well let down hocks. Very well schooled and although alone, a worthy winner.

Limit (4,1)

Fisher’s Beechanger Dusty Miller

6 year old orange that I have done well before. He is well made and has matured well with much to like. He has a lovely nature. He has a masculine head and good depth and spring of rib. He moved well even though we were getting towards the hottest part of the day.

Jolley’s Anlory Burano via Jolymore

Another orange who is 4 years old. Built on smaller lines to 1. Well presented and handled. Has an appealing dark eye. Straight front with good bone. Good rear angulation. Moved well. Close decision between 1 and 2.

Tompsett’s Radbrooks Sloop John B

Open (5,3)

Mellish’s Walshaw Blinded By Love for Monbrec

5 year old blue belton who has a head of good proportions. Dark eye with appealing expression. He has good bone and good angulation front and rear. Preferred his movement to number 2

Tompsett’s Rabrooks God Only Knows

Blue belton who is longer cast than the winner. Long and reasonably lean head, dark eye. Has good rear angulation. Looked good when stood but his movement let him down today as it tended to be rather erratic. He was probably feeling the heat.

Special Beginners

Merleycopse Dream Machine

Tattersett Big Orange

Gillancette Day Dreamer

Minor Puppy Bitch(1)

Martin and Bozier’s Victoriaview Hollyhock

Just 6 months old very pretty orange belton. Attractive head and expression. She is very raw at this stage but shows promise. Good front angulation and good bone. Moved well for one so young.

Puppy Bitch (3)

Wale’s Wansleydale Magic Rose

10 month old orange belton who has a feminine head with a sweet expression and dark eye. Has a straight front, good angulation front and rear. Has a good depth of chest. Moved well with plenty of drive. Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show.

Neath’s Albadora One Dream

Blue belton and tan who is 10 months old. Has feminine head which is long and lean. Dark eye. Short coupled with good angulation. Didn’t give her best performance as I believe she was feeling the heat. Preferred the overall balance of 1.

Beasley’s Wansleydale Amaretto

Veteran Bitch (4,2)

Day’s Sh Ch Mandyset Rumour Has It at Decoverly

9 year old orange btch who showed very well given her age and the heat. She moved with plenty of reach and drive, in fact she was the best mover on the day! Has a feminine long and lean head with appealing expression. Good angulation front and rear. Very well presented. A credit to her owners. Reserve Best Bitch and Best Veteran in Show.

Tompsett’s Radbrooks Sound of Silence.

Blue belton and tan who is nearly 8 years old. Well presented. Has a feminine head of correct proportions and dark eye. Has good rear angulation but she lost out on movement to 1 as she was feeling the heat.

Junior Bitch (3,1)

Henry’s Beechanger Velvet Crab

One that I have admired from the ringside. 15 month old blue belton and tan. Very smart and well presented. Good head. Slightly arched neck leading to well laid shoulder. Straight front, good angulation and plenty of bone. Soft feminine expression. Movement a little erratic as she too was feeling the heat.

Bryant and Hollis’ Phenset Sparks will Fly

13 month old blue belton. Long lean head of good proportions with an appealing expression from her dark eye. Well let down hocks enabling her to move well with plenty of drive.

Yearling (1)

Baker’s Mandyset I Will Survive

Orange belton who is nearly 2 years old but still looks rather immature. Has a long and reasonably lean head. Good rear angulation. It was difficult to assess movement as she moved rather erratically.

Novice (2,1)

Victoraview Hollyhock

Graduate (4,1)

Oliver’s Bramstorm Tapestry

Light blue belton and tan who has an overall smart and balanced appearance. Soft feminine expression. Long lean neck leading to well placed shoulder. Straight front, well off for bone. Moved well.

Stirk’s Mariglen Night and Day over Grakar

Blue belton and tan who is built on similar lines to 1. This was a close decision, but preferred the firmer topline of 1. She has a lovely dark eye. Good bone and good angulation front and rear. Well presented and handled.

Davis’s Merleycopse Strictly Tango

Post Graduate (6)

Taylor’s Wansleydale Margarita

Orange belton with a head of good proportions being long and reasonably lean. Very smart and balanced appearance when stood. Good spring of rib, body of moderate length with short back. Moved well.

Reeve’s Bournehouse Golden Charm

Very attractive light orange belton in full coat. Very well presented and handled. Lovely dark eye dark eye giving an appealing expression. Straight front. Firm level topline with good tailset and rear angulation. Close decision between 1 and 2 but preferred the more positive movement of 1.

Day’s Mandyset Oh Boy at Decoverley

Limit (2,1)

Oliver’s Wansleydale Faerie Queen with Bramstorm

Orange belton who is so balanced when stood with a straight front, well laid shoulder, deep ribs and correct angulation front and rear. Has an appealing head and expression. Best Bitch, and I thought she might have been my BIS but in the challenge the dog put in the better performance, therefore had to settle for Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex.

Open (2)

Stirk’s Mariglen Perfect Day for Grakar Sh CM

Blue belton who has a lovely dark eye which gives her that typical expression. Straight front with good bone. Good front and rear angulation, hocks well let down. Well handled and presented.

Davis’s Richecca Baby Doll of Merleycopse

Blue belton and tan who is longer cast than 1, therefore I preferred the overall balance of the winner. She has a lean head, good spring of rib and good tail set.

Special Beginners (4,1)

Martin and Bozier’s Victoriaview Hollyhock

Davis’s Merleycopse Strictly Tango

Ornage belton third in graduate. She has an appealing expression with a dark eye. Long lean head and good spring of rib. Moved better in this class.

Beasley’s Wansleydale Amaretto

Eric Stephenson




l.TAYLORS WANSLEYDALE QUICKSILVER 13 month blue belton and tan dog.Handsome refined head with correct length and depth of foreface.He has good length of neck, height,frame and an elegant outline.Straight front,level topline and tailset.Well boned and muscled with tight feet and arched toes.Moved accurately both ways.Well presented with lovely silky coat. Hope he fulfills such early promise.

2 Henrys BEECHANGER VELVET CRAB 16 month blue belton and tan bitch.An attractive very substantial mature bitch with superb bone and body,great depth and spring of rib.Straight front, excellent topline and tailset,strong well angulated hindquarters and moved well.Beautiful coat and presentation.



1,TAYLORS WANSLEYDALE MARGARITA 3 year orange belton bitch in good coat.Well constructed with very good layback of shoulder, straight tight front, correct length of body with good spring of rib.Well angulated hindquarters with width across the thigh. Perfect topline and tailset. Moved with great precision using her tail. Full dentition completed the package.

2.OLIVERS BRAMSTORM TAPESTRY 2 year old blue belton and tan bitch. Preferred her well shaped head with good work and stop. Very flashy eyecatching bitch with good bone and well ribbed deep body.Lovely coat and condition level topline, well muscled and moved well round the ring.